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TCI Coatings Inc.
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 Corrossion-resistant metal primer, $7 per gallon, Prepaid freight, restrictions apply..

About TCI Coatings, Inc.

TCI Coatings, Inc. founded in 1959, manufactures a full line of protective and decorative coatings for a wide variety of substrates exposed to all types of conditions. TCI Coatings, Inc.'s quality is backed by over five decades of experience.

New products, like Hydrotec waterborne industrial coatings, have been developed to meet the demands of today's OEMs as well as local air control districts. And like the products that built TCI Coatings, Inc. 's reputation, new products are constantly being developed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

TCI Coatings, Inc. recognizes that service is an equally important product and therefore is committed to high standards of customer service. With a total team effort we ensure our customers' needs are met from initial contact to completed delivery. All coatings requirements are analyzed by our technical service department to establish a formulation that best meets all criteria for price, application technique, materials compatibility, environmental impact, appearance and durability.

TCI Coatings, Inc. is a WBE (women-owned business enterprise).

TCI Coatings Inc.